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We capitalize on best practices to develop new approaches...

Our diverse capabilities allow us to converge new ideas, old concepts, and best practices into innovative, federated solutions.


At SKAA, we operate across a broad-range of core competencies with the primary goal of bringing the right solutions to our customers.

Program Management/Implementation & Organizational Development
NAICS: 541611, 923130, 92110
Organizations that survive the test of time are highly adaptive and flexible, and know how to manage their affairs accordingly. We understand program management and its vital role in modern organizations. SKAA utilizes certified project management professionals and methodologies to identify the right projects at the right time with the right people to most effectively meet today's challenges. We have experience supporting organizational development through synchronous and asynchronous training administration and development of learning solutions.
Healthcare Administration & Information Systems
NAICS: 621111, 923120, 923140
We understand that affordable access to healthcare is one of the most challenging issues faced by this generation and will continue challenge future leaders. With 45 years of combined Healthcare experience, SKAA has the industry knowledge and tools to help effectively transform healthcare systems while complying with regulatory requirements. We recognize that robust healthcare data is a vital tool for keeping populations healthy.
Systems & Software Engineering & Data Management
NAICS: 541511, 541512, 54513
Our infrastructures are powered by information technology, and evolve based our ability to grasp and apply new ideas and technology. SKAA understands IT systems architecture and approaches to implementation through current methodologies and practices. Our experience includes project management support to cloud integration, system engineering, database administration, and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems.
Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) & Analytics
NAICS: 541360, 541690
Understanding how data and information is correlated to a region, local, and populous is essential to unlocking the right solutions to today's challenges. We understand how GIS can converge with a variety of industries to provide enhanced data analytics. We have over 17 years of experience providing support to geospatial analytics and production within the Intelligence Community. We understand the unique nature of Geospatial Intelligence and the critical issues emerging in the community, such as big data analytics, automated processing, and cloud integration.
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