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We lead through continuous learning and innovation…

Leadership Philosophy:

SKAA was established under the auspice that Integrity, continuous learning, sound logic, hard work, and dedication are the hallmarks of an effective organization. We also believe that people are the foundation of our organization, that their success is our success. So, we endeavor to strike a balance between reliable customer service, continuous fiscal growth, individual betterment/refinement of our workforce, and personal lives.

We are a Learning Organization:

SKAA espouses the concepts and principles of a Learning Organization. Continuous learning is the key to relevancy and innovation. We believe in high-level research and development combined with a flexible and agile organizational structure to capture and capitalize on innovative ideas. This allows us to drive innovation to our customers  by offering them relevant, creative, and leading-edge solutions to industry challenges and technology needs.

Core Values:

  • Integrity...honesty and integrity are the center of our relationships with our customers, partners, and team members. We believe in building lasting relationships based on mutual respect and transparency.

  • Servant Leadership...serving those those we lead and manage. Ensuring  success by removing the barriers that hinder employees from achieving their full potential.

  • Dedication...enduring until the end to ensure the mission is complete, and contributing to the expected level of return. At SKAA, the level of effort is directly correlated to our return investment in our employees.

  • Stewardship... being accountable for our work and using resources wisely.

  • Sound logic...finding and applying the right solution at the right time. Establishing infrastructures and processes that make sense, limit waste, and reduce redundancy. 

  • Continuous Improvement...always looking for what's next on the horizon and never being complacent with what we know today. Empowering our customers, partners, and team members through education, knowledge, and understanding.

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